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Gold Dore and Bullion
(Aurum Utalium "AU")
  • Principal to Principal Transactions - no broker chains
  • We primarily work directly with mine owners or on authority to legally represent a principal party via power of attorney. Proof of such ownership or authority is required prior to engagement.
  • We broker deals from start to finish. We do work that is required of a broker. Anyone can pick up a phone to just introduce a party.
  • Documentation that a broker may have to complete to legally buy, sell and transport gold: View Documentation
  • Designed for a single buyer, investor, sovereign, or structured vehicle
  • Zero risk to purchaser
  • After signing an SPA, the Buyer may meet the Seller. If the buyer wishes to cancel the transaction at that point, they may cancel the Sales and Purchase agreement.
  • No upfront investor cash.
  • End buyer is usually the gold refinery.
  • The seller does NOT send free samples.
  • NDNCA's are provided for anyone requesting.
View Regulations for importing gold and bullion into the United States
Gold Dore Transaction - Seller:
Gold mining Cooperative Direct to Owners
91.0% - 95%+ Purity for all Gold Dore TBD on Assay
Delivered to any safe worldwide airport
All expenses pre-paid (CIF/CIP)
No upfront fees
Can be FOB for Cash and Carry Deals
Gold Dore Transaction - Buyer:

Brinks: CIF Delivery
Transportation & delivery has built in securities
Seller is secure in knowing product is guaranteed to be paid for or product is returned to Seller.
Refinery refines dore to bullion.
Provides final assay.
Refinery becomes exit buyer.

Coordinated Transaction

Transaction Basics:

  • Principal to Principal C.C.
  • Seller issues selling procedures
  • Buyer provides P.O.F. or Bank Instrument
  • Delivery/Transport is scheduled via Brinks

Transaction Procedures
Note: Every transation is as simple as the two principals want to make it.

  • Buyer receives a Check Sheet (sellers procedures) for review.
  • Buyer signs the Check Sheet and returns to Seller's representative for the seller.
  • Representative sends the SPA (Purchase Contract) to the Buyer for legal review and completion - provided by the Seller.
  • Buyer returns the completed and signed SPA for Seller completion, banking and countersignature.
  • The SPA, signed and countersigned becomes a valid contract to purchase gold dore.
  • The Buyer receives an SKR attesting to the existence of the gold dore.
  • The Buyer's bank issues their Bank Guarantee (BG), or Standby Letter of Credit (SLC) [bank-to-bank].
  • The Buyer's bank receives a 2% Performance Guarantee from the Seller's bank.
  • The Seller prepares all export documents, pays all export costs including insurance, schedules and pays for air transport, then ships CIF/CIP (all expenses prepaid) to the Buyer's International Airport.
  • The Buyer receives his ("his" because the gold is in his name) gold dore shipment at his designated International Airport, clears local Customs, then;
  • Buyer has the dore delivered to his refinery by insured transport, where the gold dore is deposited into his (the Buyer's) account, awaiting refining.
  • The refinery refines the dore to bullion, 99% pure.
  • The refinery will take their costs in refined gold bullion, then; the refinery issues their final assay.
  • Buyer either pays for the bullion and retains it, or flips it to the refinery at a pre-agreed price.
  • The contracted Buyer has 72 hours, or three days to pay the Seller.

Transactional procedures do not have to be complicated! Best and most recommended practice is to immediately have the Principal Seller/Mine Owners speak directly to End/Exit Principal Buyer. TTM or CC: Principal to Principal - negotiate, agree on terms, and start transaction. "EZ-PEZ"

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