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5 Oaks Commodities is a Mining Services and Logistics Solutions Company in Africa, Canada, North and South America.
We present Buyers Opportunities to acquire Rough Un-cut Diamonds direct from the mines in Africa, Canada & Guyana-South America. 

As an Approved Buyer, you will receive the following important advantages:  

Rough diamonds
  • No Middle Man

  • Eliminating Broker Chain

  • No Misrepresentation

  • No Non-Performers or Fraud

  • Aggressive Wholesale Pricing with KPC's

  • No Room for Errors or Delays

Our International Team follows through from Transaction to Delivery. Our Covenant guides us in every decision we make - To Provide Superior Individual Attention and consideration that has made 5 Oaks Commodities the Benchmark in Customer Service in the Diamond Industry and beyond.


Customization - Start with a Trial Tranche / delivery and increase frequency according to your Demands. 

Production Contracts available for all Sizes of Request – From 5,000 carats to more Significant Quantities.

5 Oaks has partnered with Joint Ventured 3rd party companies that are Allocation Holders to Governments. 
These Government Owned rough diamond firms have agreements that allow them to sale a specific allocation (Quantity) of rough un-cut Diamonds direct from License Holders. 

  • Using this channel takes away any fraud or risk to both the Buyer and Seller. 
  • Prices are low because there are no “broker Chains” to inflate the price per carat. 
  • Average price per carat is $2,200 USD, CIF, +3% for buy/sell sides. 
  • Seller’s side commission is closed and 5 Oaks is the paymaster for Buyer Side Intermediaries.

Serious Buyers will be provided the Directors name to create the LOI. 

5 Oaks is capable of managing consignments of up to 100,000 (Hundred Thousand) carats + to supply rough diamonds to our clients – CIF via BRINKS or Malca-Amit.

Commodity Specifications

Rough Gem Quality Diamonds
Spot Transaction then 12 month Contract - Negotiable
VS2 and better with a 5% maximum acceptable
D to H
5-35 cts.
USD $​2,200 - excluding 3% commission
CIF - (Brinks / Malca-Amit)  To Buyer’s Destinations



  1. Rough diamondsBuyer issues LOI with wish list, Quantity and CIF destination.
  2. Seller issues SPA and Buyer signs and returns SPA
  3. Seller returns SPA to Buyer in PDF with all relevant Buyer and Seller codes.
  4. Buyer lodges a bank instrument (MT199 / MT103 / MT799) with Sellers bank.
  5. Seller’s Gemologist enter Gov. vaults, seals parcel and issues final Manifest / Gemologist Report.
  6. Seller issues SKR to Buyer and arranges for KPC Documents and export documents to be processed.
  7. Seller ships via BRINKS / Malca-Amit to Buyers destination.
  8. Buyer’s Gemologist inspects parcel.
  9. Payment made by Buyer to Seller upon completion of Buyer and Seller’s Gemologist inspection and assay.
  10. After payment has been made, parcel will be released as per normal diamond buying procedures.
  11. Buyer/Seller's Agents paid via MT-103- Ownership of product transferred to Buyer.

Please NOTE: Proof of Funds:
The MT-799 is simply assurance that sufficient funds are currently in the Buyer’s account to complete the transaction
and it is not a hold on said funds or earmarked for a special transaction.  It is simply a text message sent Bank to Bank (B2B).

Under promising and over delivering.
Trust is built – One deal at a time!

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