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5 Oaks Commodities connects   Buyers and Sellers to facilitate the sale of crude oil and its   fuel derivatives such as D2, D6, Dry Gas, LNG, LPG, JA-1 Jet Fuel and more petroleum products.

5 Oaks Commodities is the buyer and seller of these listed fuels: Crude, ULSD, D2, Gasoline, RMG 380, RMG Blends and Jet Fuel.

We are prepared to deliver the product to qualified buyers on time and as agreed. 


  • Crude
  • ULSD
  • D2
  • Gasoline
  • RMG 380
  • RMG Blends
  • Jet Fuel

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petroleum commodities tradingTo qualify for a new business relationship, the buyer needs to review our procedures and provide required information requested.

Based on the information provided on the Request a Quote form, 5 Oaks Commodities will determine the best solution for your specific requirements and contact you immediately.

Please Contact Us if you would like further information.

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